Our Mission

Great Heart Yoga offers a safe and open-minded space to practice the many dimensions of yoga. Our teachings foster healing, expansion and empowerment, thereby nurturing the development of a vibrant and thriving community. Through yoga, we encourage & support our community to become proactive in their own growth, as well as the growth of others. 

We opened our studio on May 7th, 2016 and so many magical and amazing things have happened...Come check us out!


From Samantha Jo.:

"Great Heart Yoga is the most down to earth studio I have ever practiced at. Beginners are Welcomed with open arms into the community and are encouraged to ask questions, free of judgement. Classes are made available in many different styles and levels which always keeps it interesting! Stacey's dharma talk at the beginning of class keeps me motivated and mindful during my day. I tell everyone I know to check out Great Heart because we nee a little bit more peace in our day to day life, and this space and staff provides just that!"

From Moo M.:

"No words could fully express my gratitude for Great Heart Yoga. A safe space where one  is free to just be themselves and practice yoga with no judgement and total support."

From Janice S.:

"Great Heart Yoga is a godsend.  I am very happy at this sanctuary in the midst of the city. The practice space is absolutely beautiful and very clean.  There are multiple classes each day at convenient times to choose from. Don't be swayed by the types of classes offered at different times. Everyone at any level can go to any class. The teachers are hands-on and will show you how to modify the poses as well as how to challenge yourself.  Classes are offered before work, at lunch, after work and evening times.  Stacey is the owner and goes to great pains to make it a great class experience for each and every person that walks through the door.  She only hires the best instructors too:  Louisa, Aimee, and Chris are all are trained well, knowledgable, and make dynamite teachers. I've taken classes with them as well and they are all my favorites and Stacey too!! ❤️  Class prices are reasonable and somewhat lower than other studios. They supply yoga mats and props if you don't have your own so don't worry. I took the first class, which was free and I was hooked. I recommend getting the first month card for $35 so you can try as many different classes as you like. 

I was first drawn to try the studio because Great Heart Yoga is conveniently located below the Cabaret in downtown Bridgeport where I work. It's only few blocks from I95, route 8, and the bus and train stations. After experiencing the calm, positive, expert, and friendly atmosphere, I am a regular now.  Ask your instructor to bring you one of the lavender eye pillows to borrow during class at rest time. It's heavenly and we deserve it❤️❤️". 

From Sarah T.:

"Great Heart Yoga is a much needed oasis in downtown Bridgeport. Stacey Turechek has created a welcoming and beautiful environment for students of all levels and backgrounds to practice. Stacey's candlelit class is one of the best yoga classes I've ever taken. Her teaching style is both grounding and uplifting. Stacey brings warmth, humor, and years of experience to her classes.  I can't wait to come back to Great Heart Yoga!"

From Nick A.:

"I've taken several classes at Great Heart Yoga and each time I return I'm more and more pleased with the environment the teachers create for us.  While there are advanced classes, I am a beginner and they offer classes that suit my level as well.  I love developing my practice at Great Heart so if you're thinking about taking a class here, I would highly recommend it!"