Offering All Types of Yoga Classes for the Fairfield, Milford & Bridgeport, CT Areas

Morning Practice: This class offers you an opportunity to start your day off right! A few minutes of reflection and meditation and then physical asana! Notice how an early morning class sets the tone for the day ahead. Get your practice in early, connect to your breath, be mindful and find what feels good. A knowledge of Vinyasa Yoga is strongly recommended.This is a fast paced and energized practice.

Vinyasa Flow: This class uses energizing postures that develop strength and flexibility combined with coordinated breath and movement to release tensions held in the body. Modifications are given so that every pose is accessible to students of varying levels, however, is is suggested that you have a basic knowledge of vinyasa style yoga as this will be a faster-moving class, not recommended for beginners.

Beginners Yoga: This is a class for those who have never taken yoga before or for those seasoned practitioners who want to review and expand their knowledge as well! We will break down postures and sequences, learn some Sanskrit names and how to breathe, so when ready to jump in, the knowledge base is there !

Candle Light Vinyasa: This class, taught primarily by candlelight, is a vinyasa flow. It may help you to release and unwind from your day. We move a little bit slower and calmer with more opportunities for rest. Although it is taught by candle light it is still a challenging practice. A knowledge of yoga is strongly recommended.

Gentle Candlelit Practice: This class is designed for ALL LEVELS-We will move slowly and break down poses so there is an understanding of the practice, lots of breathing and longer holds for deeper stretches. Also taught primarily by candlelight.

Restorative : Yoga of rest and digest. The practice of entering yoga poses with a variety of props to support and stabilize the body and promote relaxation of the body and mind. By triggering the parasympathetic response poses strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system relax the muscles ,quiet the mind. Restorative yoga is a yoga of "undoing"taking the time off to connect and let go of all the doing/pushing/shoulds and allowing ourselves to just"be".